I'd love to tell your story.

For me, photography is about telling a story.  Your story.  It's about capturing real, honest moments between people and preserving those moments forever.  It's about more than adjusting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.  It's about more than white balance and exposure.  Technical proficiency is important, don't get me wrong, but it's also about art and composition.  It's about color and light.  I love light.  It's about mood and magic.  All coming together to tell your family's story and capture that moment in time, holding it still, and creating lasting artwork that you can treasure forever.

What to expect from your session...

I'd love to join you on a walk in the woods or be a "fly on the wall" while you fix pancakes for your family on a Sunday morning. Please just be yourself, trust me, you are beautiful!  Your family is beautiful, your home is perfect, please don't change a thing!  My images are somewhat photo-journalistic and non-traditional, so you can expect your session to be truly unique.  Because of that I do not want to try to fit your session into a proverbial box.  Your session will not have time limits, nor will there be a limit to the number of photos I edit from our time together.  It will be as long as necessary for your story to unfold.  I am interested in creating work that is meaningful.  This is more important to me than creating mass-marketed-style images in the shortest amount of time in order to make the greatest amount of money.  I never schedule more than one session (regardless of the type of session) per day.  It is your day.  It is about taking the time to get to know you and your family "through the lens", so that the portraits that are created will accurately portray your life and your unique relationship.  I try to schedule each session with a corresponding activity, so that I can capture your interaction and reactions to the events of the day.  This can be a favorite family activity or I can suggest activities that may work for our session based on what I have learned about your family through our consultation.  It is important to me, as your family's photographer, to get to know you.  We will begin with a phone consultation where I can introduce you to my process, learn about your family, and provide you with valuable information about how to make the most of your session and the resulting artwork.   Whether you would like me to document your child's birth, a family reunion, a wedding, or to have portraits taken, contact me with your needs so that we can work together to create the perfect session to suit your needs.