Everett's Birth


What an incredible day!

First, I will say that it is such an honor to be invited to any birth, but perhaps the biggest compliment as a photographer is when two other professional photographers hire you, not just for a portrait session, but to capture the birth of their baby.  I was so excited when Kevin and Lauren Millard of KMI Photography & Blu Whale Portraits contacted me about photographing their son's homebirth.  Birth is an unpredictable, incredible, miraculous experience.  When I go to a birth I never know exactly what will happen, what type of room I will be in, what the lighting will be, how people will move, what they will do, how the baby will be born, where I'll be able to stand or what I'll be able to stand on!  It is a very fluid situation!  Shortly after I arrived at the Millard home, with Lauren moving into active labor, it was discovered that baby was possibly breech (bottom down instead of head down).  The family's plan for a quiet birth at home were changing rapidly.  Under the guidance of their midwife they decided to go to the hospital for an ultrasound and to see what their options would be.  Since Lauren's labor was progressing and we didn't know how long we would have we all raced to the hospital.  I've never driven like that in my life!  When we arrived, baby was indeed breech.  The hospital doesn't do vaginal breech deliveries, so it was decided that Lauren would need a cesarean section.  The staff was very compassionate and understanding of the family's situation.  After exploring all the options and talking, Kevin and Lauren made the decision to move forward with the cesarean.  They made sure the staff were aware of their birth plan and everyone was on board.  Thanks to Kevin talking to the anesthesiologist and surgeons it was decided that I would be allowed into the OR with Kevin and Lauren to photograph the birth!  Let me just sum this up by saying that this family is such a great team, they were in an extremely stressful and unanticipated situation, but they kept each other strong and their baby boy was born, beautiful and healthy.  The surgical team and nurses were so very nice and accommodating.  I was able to capture every amazing moment of his birth and his parents meeting him for the first time.  It really was incredible.  And beautiful.  Congratulations Millards.  I know it was not the experience you were expecting, but I hope when you see these photographs you will be able to see how truly beautiful your son's birth was.  

With love,